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International Restaurants Bringing Global Flavors to Your Table

International dishes can add excitement and unique flavors to your restaurant menu, while hosting a passport menu food and cocktail pairing party is another effective way of expanding diners’ palates.

Berlin restaurant with an emphasis on seafood serves innovative dishes such as trout with kohlrabi or deer prepared with wine and yoghurt.

Ethiopian Diamond

Ethiopian cuisine may be harder to come by than your average burger or salad, but the hunt is worth the effort. Ethiopian Diamond in Chicago stands as the oldest Ethiopian restaurant – and for good reason: their menu boasts flavorful, filling dishes such as flaky sambusas (similar to Indian samosas) and stews made using their signature “Diamond Berbere” sauce. Ethiopian Diamond’s family-run eatery provides cozy seating for group dining events while their menu also provides vegetarian options!

Uptown hotspot Enat Ethiopian Cuisine provides traditional Ethiopian fare with authentic ingredients in an inviting and festive environment. Diners will savor breaking injera (Ethiopian flatbread) together and sharing dishes of Ethiopian meats, vegetables and spices; dining without utensils symbolizes affection between family members!

Doro Wat is an irresistibly flavorful chicken and hard-boiled egg stew bursting with onions and green peppers, while the Qelulu Plate offers tender pieces of beef marinated with shallots, garlic, ginger and berbere sauce. And for vegetarians looking for an exciting vegetarian treat try their Veggie Combo Sambusa filled with lentils, spinach leaves, potato slices and carrots all wrapped up into one delicious triangular pastry package.

At Ethiopian Restaurant & Bakery, renovations are ongoing so be sure to call ahead when ordering for delivery or pickup. Postmates is another convenient way of having food delivered right to your door: just look out for the option to schedule delivery time during checkout and you can be enjoying delicious Ethiopian dishes in no time! Furthermore, Giftly Prepaid Cards don’t expire and can be used at participating merchants nationwide.

Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle, located in Chicago and serving Gujarati cuisine, was opened by chef Marisa Paolillo after living in India for nine years with her Indian husband before opening Mango Pickle in 2016. Its name refers to one of India’s preservative processes – mango pickle is made by salt curing unripe mangoes before fermenting in the sun with spices added afterwards for preservation purposes. Mango Pickle provides both traditional and modern Indian food dishes on its menu.

Mango pickles, commonly referred to in India as Aam ka achaar (literally “mango pickles”) are an integral component of Indian meals, adding an irresistibly tart touch to lentil-rice meals, roti, paratha and dahi/yogurt dishes, sandwiches and salads alike.

Paolillo strives to maintain an authentic menu at Mango Pickle while simultaneously adding new flavors. Her creativity shows in dishes like lamb leg butchered weekly in-house and served medium rare with spicy black pepper curry. Mango Pickle runs like a Michelin star establishment; cutlery is changed after each course and dishes served individually.

Mango pickles are made using carefully chosen ingredients such as raw mangoes, spices and oil to produce a delectable taste. Made using an interplay of raw mangoes, spices and oil to impart their delicious flavor, mango pickles provide an excellent source of vitamin C that helps promote the health of skin and hair as well as providing antioxidant protection against oxidative stress and improving overall health. Furthermore, mango pickles contribute towards collagen formation which plays an integral part in keeping our youthful appearance intact – they can easily be made at home making them an ideal alternative to store bought pickles!

Indie Cafe

Indie Cafe is an upscale yet casual sushi bar that provides the ideal blend of Thai and Japanese cooking. Look out for their outdoor sign featuring the iconic silhouette of a dachshund to locate this popular neighborhood eatery. Their menu boasts classic rolls as well as new flavors for sushi enthusiasts; in addition, there is light fare such as soups, salads and sandwiches plus coffee breaks and wine!

The restaurant features a sleek and modern space featuring mostly black and white decor where you can enjoy delicious meal while playing slots as per recommendations on Yoakim Bridge. They offer an assortment of beverages including two coffee options and tea varieties as well as freshly roasted beans onsite for roasting as well as classes like Coffee Cupping 101 to increase knowledge.

Indie Restaurant offers the ideal setting to grab lunch, enjoy coffee or sip wine without breaking the bank. Situated under Lincoln Plaza theater, Indie is popular among movie goers before and after shows; for dinner they offer an extensive menu as well as delivery via Grubhub.


Herb is an exceptional place to explore global flavors without leaving your own home. Chef/Owner Patty Neumson creates delicious meals using holistic health practices combined with herbs. Herb should be on everyone’s must-see list!

Fresh flavors and vibrant hues give herbs their signature natural flair in food preparation. A great way to enhance flavor without adding excessive salt, sugar or fat, herbs are versatile enough to spice up teas, garnish salads and cakes as well as support overall health benefits.

Your choice of herbs depends on the meal you’re preparing; for instance, chervil adds an oniony flavour that enhances soups and stews; it goes particularly well when combined with tarragon and parsley to form the classic French fines herbes dish; it can even add depth when added to roasted potatoes!

Other herbs like rosemary and thyme make delicious additions to roast chicken, soups and sauces as well as baked goods, especially when combined with lemon. Basil can also add depth and dimension to savory dishes while being equally delightful in desserts like strawberries and stone fruit pies. Pair basil with cilantro for Latin-influenced meals or mix it up with Thai basil and opal basil to create authentic Southeast Asian meals.

While the coronavirus pandemic has temporarily reduced global demand, consumers continue to demand herbs and natural ingredients such as herbs flavorings. Furthermore, consumers now demand organic herbs as consumers look for healthier food alternatives like organic flavorings – leading to an expected compound annual growth rate of 6.1% from 2017-2022 for global herbs flavorings market.

Municipal Market

Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants may be common staples across American towns; however, consumers have grown eager to expand their horizons and experience world cuisines. A Mintel survey demonstrated an upswing in flavor tourism activities among millennials and Gen Z consumers who show strong interest in trying something new.

Located in downtown Atlanta, the Municipal Market boasts food from many cultures worldwide. Diners can experience cuisines such as Chinese dim sum specialities, Indian tandoori-roasted meats and Mexican conchas and pan dulce as part of their dining experience.

At Buenos Dias Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia, visitors can order custom made pupusas with an array of toppings and sides to give it that authentic feel. There is also vegan and vegetarian food options so that everyone can experience Central American cuisine!

If your restaurant is looking to add international recipes to its menu, MMA’s team can assist. We know how to incorporate new flavors while maintaining profitability through pricing models; for instance, we can assist with developing a recipe of bibimbap that uses ingredients you already have on hand and spice up its flavors for increased customer retention.